Three nights of ultimate luxury in Nha Trang!

The last stop on our Vietnam adventure was Nha Trang.  This place is known for its sunshine and cosmopolitan vibe.  We had heard and researched mixed messages from Nha Trang however thought we would give it a shot as it would be a relaxing and perfect end to our three week trip.

We flew 1 hour from Hoi An/Da Nang to Nha Trang Airport.  The airport is approx. 45mins – 1 hour away from Nha Trang City.  We organised a shuttle through our accommodation which again took away the stress of potential scammers.

We originally had Nha Trang at the start of our trip as it’s like 1 hour flight from HCMC and we were going to work out way up Vietnam – however once researching into it, Nha Trang looked like the perfect place to finish off our trip.  Luke being the romantic he is booked our amazing accommodation as a surprise which I later on forced out of him (as per) before the trip even began.  Our three nights at MIA Resort were an absolute treat where we felt like true royalty.  Luke nailed it and booked us a cliff top villa which had the most incredible views, our very own infinity pool and a beautiful villa with everything we needed.


Breakfast was included so it’s pretty much free right?  This was seriously the highlight of our day – we would head to breakfast as soon as it opened (first ones there every morning) and made the most of the exotic buffet they had on offer.  We would literally order like 5 drinks including 2 types of coffee and 3 different fresh juices just to make sure we got bang for buck.


After breakfast we would head for our morning swim in the sea and then set up camp on the loungers by the pool just so we could milk the free juices for a couple of hours longer (obviously grown up on a budget – dad would be proud).   For most of the afternoons we spent chilling in our beautiful villa, swimming in a variety of pools they had and treating ourselves to amazing spa treatments.  It seriously was the most relaxed we have ever felt – we were pinching ourselves just to make sure it was real life.


We initailly had a lot planned for these three days but that pretty much all went out the window when we got to the resort, saw how insanely beautiful it was and all we wanted to do was chill, drink gin & tonics, fresh juice by the pool and eat as much amazing food as we could get before heading back to reality.


We did spend one night in Nha Trang city itself which to be honest was hard coming from absolute luxury – we didn’t think much of the city.  It was super touristy, very crowded and a very different demographic but if you are looking for a good time and a place to party this would be the place to come.   We stayed at the Novotel for the night before our early flight which was great – perfect location with amazing views!


Our experience of Nha Trang was absolutely incredible.  If you are wanting a relaxing few days i would recommend spending a little more and heading to one of the resorts out of the city.  Our time at MIA reminded us very much of our time working on Hayman Island which is why we appreciated it so much.  If was so nice to be on the receiving end of incredible service and staying at such an amazing property.


So, there you have it – our three weeks in Vietnam summed up in a few blogs.  We hoped you enjoyed reading about our trip – apologies for the small novels.  If you haven’t been to this amazing country we hope this has inspired to add it to your bucket list.  We had such an incredible time and would recommend Vietnam to anyone and everyone!  It had the most breathtaking landscapes, intriguing culture and in insane amount of people who were genuinely welcoming, friendly and helpful (despite some scammers who we naively trusted).  We are currently working hard, putting a bit away each week and brainstorming where to head to next!

Vietnam, ciao for now! You were bloody great and will forever hold some very VERY special memories – thank you!

L & A



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