Our 2017 – A year in review!

Well here we are – it’s the first day of 2018 and wow what a year 2017 was! I think its fair to say we have had thee best year of our lives and we are very very grateful.  I have taken on a new job as Front Office Manger, we bought a house, we went on an epic overseas holiday, WE GOT ENGAGED, Luke has a new job as Sales and Marketing Manager and we got our first REAL Christmas tree together!  We thought we would put together our top highlights from 2017 as we think that sounds like a bloody good year and we have a heck of a lot to be thankful for.

In February and March we had some very good friends get married.  One of my best friends got married in Tauranga and I was a bridesmaid for the first time ever which was so much fun! It was such a special day and it was an absolute honour to stand and party by her side on their big day.  Our other really good friends got married in the stunning Taranaki.  They were both such amazing days and we felt so lucky to be apart of them both.

We had an epic Waitangi weekend in Wellington with Luke’s Family – the weather was absolutely perfect – so sunny and hot and we spent the long weekend exploring, shopping, drinking and eating great food (and lots of it).  It was such a lovely weekend with everyone which doesn’t happen very often as we are scattered all throughout the country.


I think its pretty obvious that we LOVE Taranaki.  We are very proud to call this our home and we think we are super lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Aotearoa.  In case you hadn’t noticed we are more often than not out enjoying what Taranaki has to offer from the beautiful sunsets, to the great beaches, to the epic bars and restaurant to walking or skating the coastal walkway to climbing Mount Egmont.

We have both taken on new jobs and now work together (I did ask Luke the other day if he was sick of me and he said “no” – so far so good).  In February I took on a promotion to Front Office Manager at Novotel which has been a massive step up, huge learning curve but has been such an amazing career opportunity working alongside some incredible people.  Luke, after two years at King and Queen Hotel suites is now the Sales, Marketing and Revenue Manager at Novotel which again has been a definite challenge, a big step up but we both see a lot of potential, room for growth and an awesome experience to work for a chain with opportunities world wide.

We explored and enjoyed some great places in our very own beautiful back yard.  We went zip-lining in Rotorua with Rotorua Canopy Tours with my family which was so much fun and something that we had never done before.  We celebrated Luke’s 23rd  Birthday in Kuratau which, as always was super relaxing.  We spent a long weekend visiting friends in the Coromandel visiting Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove (Luke’s first time ever) – which was not long enough so we are hoping to head there again this year for longer. We spent Queens Birthday Weekend in Kuratau, Taupo partying with some of our favourite people at their Annual Dress up Party – this year was Retro Ski themed and was such fun dancing the night away and eating delicious old school food!

We also made it down to Queenstown – my first time ever! I know, who hasn’t been to Queenstown right? We went with Luke’s family which was so much fun and I can totally see why everyone raves about it so much – it was absolutely unreal and we can’t wait to go back.  You can see what we got up to on our previous Queenstown blog here

We bought a house and have started cracking into a bit of DIY – it is definitely the blind leading the blind with this DIY thing but we’re having a bloody good time doing it.  Buying a house was something that we had been researching and looking into for over a year – after hundreds of open homes, countless rejections and an intense learning curve we bought our first home.  Something we are still extremely proud of.  Paying off our own mortgage not someone else’s, mowing our own lawns not some else’s and when doing work on the house adding value to our house not someone else’s.  In eight months we have done quite a bit from doing up the spare bedroom, hallway, lounge to a complete new bathroom and toilet.  It has been extremely challenging, exhausting and quite time consuming but we are having a lot of fun along the way and doing what we can ourselves.  We’re taking a break over the next month or so and then we will be cracking back into next year.  So any helpers would be much appreciated – we will pay you in good banter and beer.

We spent three incredible weeks in Vietnam.  This trip was such a long time coming and totally blew our expectations out of the water.  Such incredible friendly, welcoming people, amazing landscapes, beautiful weather and even better company.  We had such a fabulous time and would recommend Vietnam to everyone and anyone. See our previous blogs on Vietnam here for our epic itinerary and our video here.

Last but not least WE GOT ENGAGED! After being together for three and half amazing years Luke finally took the subtle but clearly effective hints and got down on one knee.  From an incredible proposal to a super fun engagement party we are yet to start planning the wedding but for now its all a bit hard so it’ll happen when it happens – we’re in no hurry and we both have no idea where to start – so any help would be much appreciated – for this we’ll pay you in a guaranteed invitation to the wedding.

So there you have it our 2017 highlights. What a year! Thank you to everyone who has been apart of it and made it such a fabulous and special year to remember.

We don’t do new year resolutions purely cause I can guarantee we won’t stick to it (we can’t even stick at the gym for 3 months despite paying an absolute fortune for it) but we do know that we will continue to work hard, play hard, spend time with special people in our lives and be grateful for everything.

So cheers for a bloody fantastic 2017 and heres to another fabulous year – 2018 bring it on!

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One thought on “Our 2017 – A year in review!

  1. Sure was a memorable 2017 for you both!!
    We have soooo immensely enjoyed the “stories” and gorgeous photos throughout the year. Hope 2018 somehow measures up as well. xxx

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